What I Love About Snow

What I Love About Snow

Nicole Rudisill- Kids Style Magazine


Growing up, snow was a once a year if we were lucky occurrence most of the time for eastern NC. Even so, it was always my favorite time of year, I loved the gorgeous untouched white powder, I loved the smell right when it was starting and most of all I loved building forts and snowmen before it all melted again.

"Everything's magical when it snows, everything looks pretty. The clothes are great. Coats, scarves, gloves, hats." Lorelai Gilmore

I chose to go to college in the mountains, I had several options closer to home, but the moment I visited the campus with several inches of freshly fallen snow I knew it was the one for me. Although I never mastered snowboarding or skiing, I still enjoyed the more frequent and longer lasting snows in my years there. 

Last year I was overjoyed when we got a surprisingly good amount of snow when my daughter was just turning 1 yr old! We had so much fun letting her run around and experience snow for the first time ever, it’s truly a blessing to experience things through a child's eyes for the first time.

The best part about cold weather and snow days is the cute clothes! Boots, hats, scarves, headwraps, boot socks, chunky sweaters, cardigans and more!

These are few shops that have some cute winter items:

A Bear Co: They have great boots for any occasion, including snow days! They are a great company, always ship their items in the time frame they give and have fair prices. You should definitely give them a follow or join their VIP to see all of their adorable shoe styles. These cow print boots to the right are some of my absolute favorites, we get so many compliments on them, but they have glitter, an assortment of colors, fringe, rainbow and other animal prints as well. Styles include combat, flats, cowgirl boots and more.


Little Stocking Company- This is a big company with over 21,000 likes on their facebook page! They sell so much more than just stockings too, I personally love their knee lace socks because they are perfect for boot weather, but the mid socks are the perfect length for combat boots too. They have several options of bundles or single items including tights, 4 different types of socks and even dresses on their website. These are a few of our past models showing off their Little Stocking Co. attire.


"Promise. I will not go mad until we get you some boots." Rory Gilmore

A Touch of Trouble Handmade- If you want a good, soft, grow with me sweater this is the place to look! She takes so much pride and care in each item she sews and only sends out amazing pieces. She does drops once a month and offers leos, skirted leos, rompers, dresses, tops, bummies, leggings and more throughout the year. If you want well-made, hassle free handmade clothing check out A Touch of Trouble Handmade facebook group or page.


Bitty Bows- We have had the absolute pleasure of featuring a whole ad for Bitty Bows in a past magazine! They had sherpa headwraps available not too long ago, but they also sell regular headwrap bows and clip bows of different sizes. Check them out for some super cute prints! Their site opens every other Saturday at 8pm ct for all of your shopping needs.


Millie and Roo- I came across this shop recently when some of our male models were featured wearing their items. The beanies are so adorable and can have poms added for a more girly look too! Everything is handmade from beanies, to scarves, to joggers, to hoodies and even adult items. They have such a huge variety to choose from on their website, and the best part is that this shop has so many gender neutral items so you can shop for any of your kids here. Check them out on facebook at Millie + Roo and on these models below.



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